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The Berkeley Innovation Forum is a membership organization hosted by Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Director of the Program in Open Innovation. Prof. Chesbrough has become a world renowned authority on the topic of open innovation, a term that he is credited with inventing. His books, Open Innovation and Open Business Models, have won numerous awards, and have been translated into 12 languages around the world.

Information for Potential Members

The Berkeley Innovation Forum is an exclusive membership group consisting of carefully selected corporate Directors who are deeply involved in managing innovation within their company. Current members include a number of technology companies, such as Autodesk, Cisco, SAP and GE. But other sectors are also represented, through members like Dupont, Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, UnitedHealthCare, and Standard Chartered Bank. There are also five Japanese firms, Wipro from India, three firms from Europe and one from the Middle East in the membership.

The forum provides its members an ongoing window on innovation challenges confronting companies around the world, and gathers members together to share their experiences in dealing with these challenges. We also incorporate recent innovation research, from UC Berkeley and other universities. We keep the size of the membership limited in order to promote greater exchange of viewpoints.

The benefits of membership include:

  1. an invitation to BIF Forums [two annual 2-day sessions],
  2. two briefing sessions,
  3. access to online materials and related workshops,
  4. access to new research out of the Center for Open Innovation, and
  5. access to other relevant innovation research coming out of Berkeley

The thoughtfully designed networking activities during the BIF forums are highly rated by our members. Membership in the Forum is $12,000 a year which provides an ongoing source of research funds for the activities of the Program in Open Innovation here at Haas. These funds are tax deductible to the member organizations.

While the exact title of the person varies from company to company, the typical member will be a VP or general manager level person within the organization. The key requirement is that the member brings a broad perspective of his or her organization’s innovation activities, and be willing to engage in discussion about issues and effective practices with others.

For more information please contact Solomon Darwin [e-mail:, phone (510) 643-4133].

Membership List of The Berkeley Innovation Forum at the Program in Open Innovation

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The Berkeley Innovation Forum is hosted by the Center for Open Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley